What takes up my free time


Climate Change Education



I have developed various climate change powerpoint presentations conveying the supporting data, effects, and decisions our world is now faced with. Over the past few months I have given talks to high school students, the format ranging from a 30 minute assembly with hundreds of students to a 1.5 hour small environmental class of 11 students. The talk drives home the need to be involved in shaping public policy. While dozens of suggestions are made on how to conserve energy in one's own life, the big ideas such as cap and trade of carbon emissions are made prominent.


Big Brothers Big Sisters Program



For 3 years I participated in the Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) Program. I believe the best way to help our country's youth is through personal interaction. My only regret with this program is that I did not have even more time to hang out with my 'little'.  I now live in a different city than my little but stay in touch.  Much of our country's youth is in need of a mentor/guide/friend. If you agree, I encourage you to contact the BBBS program in your area.





Since wrestling at Duke University, I coached the Parkway Central High School wrestling team for 3 years. During this time the team grew from 5 to 27 kids. Aside from training them in wrestling skills, weightlifting, and cardiovascualr workouts, I drafted a mandatory ethics class for all wrestlers. During this class, we covered topics ranging from ancient greek philosophers to whether it is unethical to cut the corner on a sidewalk and cause a brown foot path. All wrestlers were required to keep up their grades for which I provided free tutoring after each practice. While not required by the school, I did not allow my wrestlers to compete at lower than 7% body fat, thereby eliminating the unhealthy practices of "cutting weight". While occupying a significant amount of my time, this was an extremely rewarding experience and I would be suprised if I did not coach again.

Creative down time



While not naturally gifted in any art form in particular I find it soothing and recuperative to spend uninterrupted chunks of time in creative thought.  My recent attmpts have involved gourd and wood carving.